Why Businesses Of The Future Count On Managed IT Services


If you’re a small business owner, the phrase “network problems” instantly raises your blood pressure. The thought of your computers going offline, even for an hour, sends you in a tailspin. When so many businesses depend on their computers to do business, the necessity for quality control exists.

Without some sort of checks and balances system, a business could go offline once a week – or worse, once a day! To avoid major mishaps that could end up costing small businesses and mega corporations alike, IT support was born.

But, what happens when the break-fix cycle isn’t working out anymore? Instead of an IT company performing services only when something breaks, what if there was a way to avoid those “breaks” altogether?

Managed IT is quickly becoming the future of computer services. Downtime, no matter how short, seriously impacts business. See why businesses of the future are ditching their break-fix mentality and adopting managed IT services instead.

What Are Managed IT Services?

When a business signs up for managed services, they’re basically passing those responsibilities on to the company they hire. Managed services aren’t just an IT concept, though. You can find similar outsourcing services in industries like transportation, media, and business-to-business, too.

The technology industry is the biggest practitioner of manager services. Anything from software to data storage can be outsourced to a managed service. It makes sense that IT is a popular thing for small businesses to outsource.

Managed IT services in Jacksonville can include things like:

  • Network monitoring
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Network management
  • Security monitoring
  • System patches


Why Do Managed IT Services Work?

It’s not unlikely for a business to experience network problems at least once. Whether it’s an error with your email servers, or something much worse like a full-scale hack, things tend to go wrong when you least expect them to. What’s worse is, downtime can end up costing a business quite a lot of money.

For small businesses in particular, it’s probably not practical to add an IT department to your team. Even employing just one full-time IT staff member may not fit into the budget. This is where businesses tend to settle for break-fix IT services. But, do one-time bills for expensive services really save you money?

Do Managed Services Really Save Money?

You may be turned-off of managed services when you know they come with a monthly fee. No one wants to add yet another bill on top of their existing business expenses. But, you have to look at the bigger picture. Say your email servers go down because your network was hacked. You quickly contact your IT company who then spends 20 hours trying to solve an issue that’s become quite large.

If your IT company charges $150 an hour, you’re looking at a $3,000 bill. Instead of handing over thousands of dollars at a time, your network issue could have been caught before it caused major damage. And when issues are caught early, your business and your wallet are better off.

How Do I Find The Best Managed IT Provider


By now, you know that managed services can actually save you money. Instead of paying an employee’s salary or handing over cash for issues that could have been avoided, you can pay a monthly fee to get 24/7 monitoring. It’s important to look for an IT company that is up-front about their pricing model. You want to make sure that you’re aware of any extra costs outside of your services plan.

Even more, you want to find a company that can work with you. Small business needs are always different from big corporations. Look for a company that is comfortable taking the reins. You’ll end up with less downtime, reduced costs, and total peace of mind when you know someone else if looking out for your business too.